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help for veterans and their families

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i am a 40 year old house wife, i am currently married to a disabled veteran who i am

i am a 40 year old house wife, i am currently married to a disabled veteran who i am always taking care of all the time he cant do anything without my help also taking care of a 16 year old daughter which you know can be pretty challenging in the o process she had two twins two wonderful boys who are jumping all over me write now even lol.i also have breast cancer had a masectomy.and chemotherapy for a year.i am in recovery for now ,they said i would get in my other breast well i told them to take the as well of fbut my insurance would not take it off but any ways as you can see i have my hands full with my whole family all the time im not looking for a hand out but a little help would be great we cant afford christmas this year and the twins are born on december 21 so ther birthday are write before christmas and we cant aford that either well we are just a mess this year so if would help us we would really appreciate it thank you and god bless you all linda hewitt
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I am currently taking care of my mother who is a widow after 46 years of marriage, she

I am currently taking care of my mother who is a widow after 46 years of marriage, she recently had a stroke and we moved in with her. I have a 9 year old wonderful daughter and a husband who is 33; sadly while he was in the army at age 21 he had his first heart attack, then two weeks later his second heart attack. I was preg. before but the doctor said due to the stress we lost the first baby. My husband was taken to Walter Reed Hospital where he was diagnosed with a rare heart disease called Hypertrophicardiomyopathy. It's a big fancy name for a condition where his heart grows and cuts off blood flow, his father, 2 uncles, 1 aunt and 1 cousin at age 7 died of. He was able to get a pacemaker and a difubulator placed in but has had 2 more heart attacks since. He cannot work or lift anything over 5lbs. My siblings to do help my mother and she cannot do it alone; she makes only 1100.00 in SS but after they take away her medicare and supplement she is left with 150.00 with other bills, life insurance etc. My brother got my mom to sign a loan for him and did not pay so we paid out of pocket so she would not lose her car. The army would only give my husband 20% rating even though he got 3 doctors to prove his condition was brought on by exercise etc. He did get VA approval. He paid 2000.00 in taxes in order for my mom to keep her home/land. I don't ask for pity but its very hard when you live in a very small town and no one will help; no jobs etc. I am scheduled to go to school. We do not have TriCare which would help with dental, eye glasses and certain medications. Five years ago, I was driving out of the doctors office when a drunk driver ran through a light and hit me going 70 mph. I was life flighted to the nearest ER: There they found I broke my collar bone, 6 ribs, my left arm, my left leg, my left foot and ankle also my pelvic bone was cracked and due to the problems I cannot have anymore kids. i do thank God every day for my Lauren Faith, I was told I would not walk for at least a year but I did after 6 months, the medication I have to take cost 549.00 a month and it is not covered by ChampVa. My daughter has the gift of music and is the most loving girl I know, she helps as much as she can and never asks for anything. I have my family for Christmas and I try to sell things around the house to make money: clothes that no longer fit, old toys etc. but this year people are not buying. I only want my daughter to have a decent Christmas. I feel like a failure and I feel like once you are a DV people seem to forget what they did for us, how they fought and how they lost their limbs, lives and much more. I do not know where else to turn for help.
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I am a 2 time vet. I have 3 kids and my wife is disabled. I need help to get our 3 kids

I am a 2 time vet. I have 3 kids and my wife is disabled. I need help to get our 3 kids Chistmas. I have looked at everything and i cant find help anywhere. If anyone can or nows where we can help for Christmas please let me know. We barley can pay our bills and can't buy Christmas. One gift each would mean alot to them because they are probably not going to get anything
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I know that we are struggling very hard this year ourselves and it's a huge struggle to

I know that we are struggling very hard this year ourselves and it's a huge struggle to get the help needed from even the VA itself! I don't know how anyone else is doing but this Christmas isn't going to be a Christmas if things don't get better !

We have just found out our 7 year (This Week) has Autism and that our 2 year old also has delays... The struggle is to find the balance in all of this on top of PTSD, A wife who needs surgery that her insurance won't cover (unless we come up with $33,000) and We live in a small rural town where the "Jobs" go to those who "know someone " and I am not that someone but I get up everyday, I try hard... I watch in AWE as my wife who has always stuck by my side (&still does) struggle to get herself out of bed, pray, struggle to get dressed, get herself fixed up and refuse to show that her day is going to be a battle..

I watch as she interacts with with endless visits from The Kids's behavior therapists, aides, teachers, doctors etc not to mention has to deal with the influx of her own people nurses, pt,ot, therapy, doctors, specialists etc.. But never let's the reality of our life, my own "internal wounds" that I came home with, our lack of pretty much everything including having our only vehicle break... Show on her face or come across in the way she treats others..

I can say as a Vet... It's hard and I cannot imagine that I am the only one going through this... And feeling less than because when I came home... A huge part of me was left over there that I cannot overcome..I feel ashamed because I cannot find a way to provide the simplest of things that a Dad should... And the Holidays isn't going to make this any easier..

I'm reminded it could always be worse, I could have not come home, she could by all medical "reality " not be around for Christmas, our kids could be a lot worse off..

If your out there struggling like us, worried like us, disappointed in the reality of comming home to the "welcome mat" as a vet being invisible... Don't loose hope I know there is way.. Though I haven't found it yet.. When I do... I will pay it forward!

God Bless My Fellow Vets, Their Families and Kids Especially... Because they are the ones that pay the most cost...and are often "forgotten the most"!
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I am a veteran served 11 years was diagnosis with cancer last year receiving disability

I am a veteran served 11 years was diagnosis with cancer last year receiving disability but its not enough to pay my bills behind in morgtage so there will be no Christmas at our house this year maybe there is someone who can sponser my family I'm in central Florida
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Sad in AZ.   in reply to Summer2012   on

holiday assistance: was hoping to find someone out there that would like to adopt a veteran family for the

Hello, My name is Deborah I am a Veteran. My husband and oldest son were killed @ 3 years ago and I continue to struggle to get on my feet. I simply would like to have the means to serve a nice dinner to my family for Christmas, as I have no monies to buy gifts for anyone. Not sure I will even have electricity by then; I've been ill and medicine has taken extra funds. Can anyone please help me?
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Summer2012   in reply to alanichole   on

holiday assistance: was hoping to find someone out there that would like to adopt a veteran family for the

Hello, I would like to talk with you to find out what you and family need for the holiday. We help veterans daring times of need. I would like to ask questions and would need you to fill out information. Please let me know if you are getting the support needed or still in need. Thank you.
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holiday assistance: was hoping to find someone out there that would like to adopt a veteran family for the

was hoping to find someone out there that would like to adopt a veteran family for the holidays.. Pls no scams times are hard enough as it is..
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Hey there Disable Vet looking for assistance for Christmas please help

Hey there Disable Vet looking for assistance for Christmas please help
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stay the heck out of waldo and gainsville fla the police are crooked and run speed traps

stay the heck out of waldo and gainsville fla the police are crooked and run speed traps that you cannot fight the ticket because it cost you more I am going to curse the city of waldo and gainsville for letting these loser cops give veterans the most highest tickets with no breaks I hope their community and families suffer like i have
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For military People and Their Families


FREE ASSISTANCE FOR OUR MILITARY HEROS AND THEIR FAMILIES,  free help for national guard families , those in active service ,and veterans ;financial help , assistance with medical needs , day-to-day living challenges , food , dealing with loss , education , and more as it is found. 




*  “The soldier above all others prays for peace,for it is the soldier who must suffer  and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war “
 –Douglas MacArthur  *




Don't through away your expired coupons ! 

Did you know that some military commisaries accept expired coupons ? 

The following link tells all about how to send them , where to send them , and more:





More information and perks for military and family members . Scroll down a bit for the links.





Budweiser is honored to salute the men and women of our armed forces and their families. Throughout 2009, members of the military and as many as three direct dependents may enter any one of Anheuser-Busch's SeaWorld, Busch Gardens or Sesame Place parks with a single-day complimentary admission.

For your service and sacrifice, we thank you.



PLEASE remember our veterans this weekend. Freedom is highly valued in our country and we have many veterans from many different wars for that freedom. If you know a veteran , give them a pat on the back or a hug and a high 5 and tell them how much what they have done means to you.


Here is a quote and a site link that help veterans sort out what type of organization to use for thier assistance :

"What Does a Veteran Service Organization Do?

  Veteran Service Organizations exist to serve you and support your specific needs. Whether you are interested in reconnecting with your branch of service, networking with other veterans who share your disability, maximizing your VA benefits, learning more about current legislation or even researching the many programs in place to get you involved in recreation or employment. With histories dating back to many of America’s wars, and proven track records for putting veterans first, the following organizations, as well as a host of other local, regional and national VSO’s put the needs of the disabled veteran first."




Do you have a loved one in the military that is injured and in a military medical facility ? Here is something that may help you visit them :


"Because members of the military and their families are stationed worldwide and must often travel great distances for specialized medical care, Fisher House Foundation donates "comfort homes," built on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers. These homes enable family members to be close to a loved one at the most stressful times - during the hospitalization for an unexpected illness, disease, or injury.

There is at least one Fisher House at every major military medical center to assist families in need and to ensure that they are provided with the comforts of home in a supportive environment."
For more about Fisher House , go here :







A stimulus check should be coming to veterans who qualify . Here is a quote and a link for more qualifying information :

"As part of the President’s Recovery plan, VA will also make one-time payments of $250 to eligible Veterans and survivors to mitigate the effects of the current economy.  These payments will be issued as early as June 2009.  VA estimates $700 million in payments will be made to eligible beneficiaries as part of this measure.

To be eligible for the $250 payment, VA beneficiaries must have received compensation, pension, dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC), or spina bifida benefits at any time between November 2008 and January 2009.  Also, beneficiaries must reside within the United States or Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, or the U.S. Virgin Islands. No application is necessary.  VA will use its existing payment records to determine eligibility for the $250 payment."











Are you a veteran or in a veteran's family ? Then you MUST check out this page by a fellow Aidmate ! Thank you Elaine of TSA for yet another great heads up !





  "New" information( a new resource) about military and social security issues :

Disability Benefits For Wounded Warriors - SSA Publication No. 05-10030, August 2007, ICN 456098

Social Security Expedites Survivors and Disability Applications for Military Service Members





Select Applebee's Neighborhood Grill & Bar restaurants (164 participating restaurants nationwide) are testing a promotion that invites all active duty and veterans to pull up a chair for a delicious meal and heartfelt thanks this Veterans Day. With gratitude for their service and sacrifice, active duty and veterans will eat free at participating locations on Veterans Day (November 11, 2008) during regular business hours.

Veterans and active duty with proof of United States military service will be able to go to one of the participating Applebee's and select one complimentary entrée from a selection of delicious favorites: a savory House Sirloin, hearty Riblet Basket, zesty Fiesta Lime Chicken®, a juicy Quesadilla Burger or fresh Oriental Chicken Salad. All the traditional sides are included.








Here are some free military-themed printables , just for fun and support :






Free camp for children with parents in military service !


"These free, week-long, overnight camps are open to all military children. The program aims to help military kids experience carefree fun while also learning coping skills to deal with war-related stress and fostering relationships with others who know what they are going through."







This is very important information for the mental health of our military heros . Nothing should keep people from seeking help for their health , mental or physical .

The following consists of excerpts from the article . To read the complete article , follow the link at the end of the excerpts.


E-News from Washington Vol. 08-21 May 9, 2008 Department of Defense Announces New Policy on Disclosure of Mental Health Treatment

.........................On May 1, 2008, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates announced that military personnel will no longer have to disclose any service-related mental health treatment they have received when they apply for security clearance. The security question, referred to as “Question 21,” has been an obstacle to members of the military seeking mental health care. ..........


..........................Previously, military personnel and others applying for the clearance who had sought treatment for PTSD and other mental disorders had to respond “yes” and provide details of the treatment. . In 2007, a report by the Army’s inspector general found that soldiers were hesitant to seek treatment because they worried about losing their security clearances .........

.........................In addition, an April 2008 report released by Rand Corporation found that approximately 20 percent, or 300,000, of service members returning from Iraq or Afghanistan report symptoms of PTSD or major depression, but only slightly more than half have sought treatment. This survey and others have shown that a major reason service members do not get help is the fear that it will harm their careers. ................................

...........................“It’s time for leaders of all stripes to step forward,” adding, “You can’t expect a private or a specialist to be willing to seek counseling when his or her captain or colonel or general won’t do it.” .......................

E-News from Washington is provided for informational purposes only by the American Mental Health Counselors Association. Beth Powell Director, Public Policy and Professional Issues American Mental Health Counselors Association The only organization working exclusively for mental health counselors 801 N. Fairfax Street, Suite 304 Alexandria, VA 22314






06/02/08- Another wonderful source from Elaine of TSA

Here is a very important organization . I have quoted quite alot from their site because it is so crucial that we pay attention to what they have to offer :"REALifelines for Injured Vets

Recovery, Respect, and Success for Injured US Veterans


Our Mission

Since 2004, REALifelines has been dedicated to providing our nation's injured veterans with a return to civilian life that respects their sacrifices and honors their right to live full, productive lives.

We understand that injured US veterans want to contribute to society with the same dedication they showed as Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.

Our promise is to work tirelessly to meet that objective for you, and for every injured veteran.

Real Help, Right Now

Click on the links to the right to learn about the assistance programs, employment opportunities, and awareness initiatives that are meeting the needs of injured US veterans and their families.

Provide a REALifeline
If you represent a company, non-profit, small business, or similar organization interested in improving the lives of injured veterans and their families, please contact the federal Director for Veterans' Employment and Training (DVET) in your state"

How to contact the DVET ?

Simple !  Go here :







This site is from the BBB . They include helpful  links for all areas of the armed forces .





04/08 April

April is Military Month for children . Here is a page with TONS of resources for military  parents and their young children






Do you have a son or daughter in the Marines ? Show your pride ! Here is a page that will help you.






If you are currently in the position to help financially ,  here is a good place to put your money. This is a special kit for spiritual guidance :









"Operation Happy Note

 is a volunteer effort to send musical instruments to our deployed service men and women throughout the world.

Steve and Barb Baker from Fergus Music started Operation Happy Note after their son was deployed to Iraq. They had sent him a guitar and then a buddy wanted one.

These soldiers were so pleased with having these instruments over there that Steve and Barb wanted to find a way to get more instruments to our troops, hence “Operation Happy Note”.

Since March of 2005 we have sent hundreds of instruments including guitars, mandolins, banjos, violins, harmonicas, and accessories. Steve also wrote a lesson program with CD for those who don’t know how to play.

“We can’t stop now!” says Barb, just because her son is now back home with his family. There are just too many requests that keep coming in, these soldiers need the joy that music brings to them."







This is a refreshing organization to find , and it is much needed . It is for military in Afganistan and Iraq : 


Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
 is the nation's first and largest group dedicated to the Troops and Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the civilian supporters of those Troops and Veterans. IAVA is an independent organization and is not affiliated with any groups other than our sister (c)4, IAVA ACTIN FUND.






 Are you a member of the military who has to leave a much loved pet ? Here is an organization that will help .


A NationWide & Global network of Individual Foster Homes that will house, nurture and care for
the dogs, cats, birds, horses and all other pets for all the Military personnel Only.
(Foster: to give temporary nurture, care and shelter.)

As of April, 2002 ALL the Pets of the Military are now classified as "Part Of The Family"!
 "-A quote from the site. To access the program , go here :








FOR VETERANS AND THOSE IN THE MILITARY CONSIDERING CIVILIAN LIFE This is another wonderful resource courtesy of Elaine of TSA. Transitions from military to civilian life are made smoother with the assistance of the Veterans Resource Central . They provide everything at a very low cost or free to veterans and their families.


Veterans Resource Central

 The VRC provides information
and guidance to veterans transitioning to civilian life, to military families challenged by life
issues at home, as well as to active duty individuals considering civilian careers. We introduce
veterans to a network of community business leaders many of whom are veterans, family
members of veterans or who just care about veterans and want to help you with your transition.

. The goal of VRC, a Pennsylvania-based, non-profit organization, is to
help returning veterans adjust to civilian life and discover appropriate career options. We have
consolidated many resources in a central clearinghouse and continue to incorporate additional

Our Services

VRC combines technology and people helping people. The support VRC provides veterans is at
a low or no cost to them. Through our partners, we provide the following services:

• Career planning
• Job placement
• Business start up
• Family support
• Peer-to-peer assistance and support
• Stress management consulting
• Financial advice and counseling
• Career networking






THE SOCIETY OF MILITARY WIDOWS (SMW) was founded in 1968 by Theresa (Tess) Alexander to serve the interests of women whose husbands died while on active military duty, of a service-connected illness, or during disability or regular retirement from the armed forces





A site called "Ancient Mariners and Forgotten Soldiers" . This has poems , memories and stories , as well as links by and for america's military



Living a life with disabilities , I sometimes need mental health counseling. I imagine that in the armed forces , you also would find times that working on your mental health would be crucial to living a full life. Here is a great program for free counseling. ( ANOTHER HIGH FIVE FOR ELAINE OF TSA FOR THIS ONE !)






Here is a special kit , including a DVD , for the children of those that are being deployed . This is free.







Welcome to Wounded Warriors

 Our Mission: Supporting Families Our mission is to provide support to the families of those who have been wounded, injured or killed during combat operations. The families of our casualties suffer in many ways: some financially, some psychologically. Wounded Warriors mitigates their trauma by allowing them to find peace and solace as a family once more in family-friendly resorts that we provide free of charge. The resort condominiums that we own in Orlando, Florida and Galveston, Texas are quiet havens where war torn families can reunite and become stronger.







The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

was created to provide a way for individuals,corporations and others to help our severely wounded and disabled Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans and their families rebuild their lives.

Salute America's Heroes





A hand up , not a hand out.

USA Cares  exists to help servicemembers and their families deployed across America and around the globe. USA Cares provides support with relevant and direct assistance that improves challenging situations and betters the life and well-being of Americans who ask so little, yet give so very much.







Here's a site for military wives

It has information about  finding websites for military bases around the world, poems and essays and articles written by military wives, a question and answer page for all things having to do with the military and military wives, and much more.

Welcome to SGT MOM'S PLACE -

Military Life explained by a Military Wife! Everyone is welcome here! If you like this site, tell all your friends or link SGT MOM'S to your home page!


Sgt. mom's Welcome Page






STOMP (Specialized Training of Military Parents)

 is a federally funded Parent Training and Information (PTI) Center established to assist military families who have children with special education or health needs.STOMP began in 1985, it is a project of Washington PAVE, and is funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.
The staff of the STOMP Project are parents of children who have disabilities and have experience in raising their children in military communities and traveling with their spouses to different locations.

STOMP serves families in four main ways:

  • By providing information and training about Laws, regulations and resources for military families of children with disabilities
  • By connecting families to other families
  • By assisting parents and professionals in developing their own community parent education/support group
  • By providing a voice to raise awareness of issues faced by military families of children with disabilities. 







Here is another site recommended by Elaine of TSA ( thank you Elaine !). I am glad Elaine thought about this page .

Strategic and Enabling Goals-VETERANS' ASSISTANCE

  1. Strategic Goal 1 - Restore the capability of veterans with disabilities to the greatest extent possible and improve the qualtiy of their lives and that of their families.
  2. Strategic Goal 2 - Ensure a smooth transition for veterans from active military service to civilian life.
  3. Strategic Goal 3  - Honor and serve veterans in life and memorialize them in death for their sacrifices on behalf of the Nation.
  4. Strategic Goal 4 - Contribute to the public health, emergency management, socioeconomic well-being, and history of the Nation.
  • Enabling Goal - Deliver world-class service to veterans and their families by applying sound business principles that result in effective management of people, communications, technology, and governance." 







This page is for those in the

National Guard and their families another great resource courtesy of Elaine of TSA

 All sorts of help can be found here . You will find programs for helping the transitions that family must go through specific to the National Guard , as well as practical help for emergencies and financial hardships.


Here is a clickable map and resource page

 to find the National Guard Family program in your state and city :





For general help with daily needs whether you are military or not :



**********MORE BELOW KEEP SCROLLING DOWN ! **********





Here is another good site recommended by our fellow Aidmate Elaine of TSA: Operation Homefront


Operation Homefront provides

About Us

Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront is one of a select few charities privileged to operate under a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) presented by the Department of Defense.
Read the MOU

Operation Homefront provides emergency assistance and morale to our troops, to the families they leave behind, and to wounded warriors when they return home. A nonprofit 501(c)3 founded after September 11, Operation Homefront leads more than 4,000 volunteers in 31 chapters nationwide. Since its inception, Operation Homefront has provided critical assistance to more than 45,000 military families in need.

How We Help - Operation Homefront provides aid to families struggling not only with emergencies, but also the problems of everyday life. Existing programs include:

  • Emergency Aid - Food, baby care items, vehicle donation and repair.
  • Computer Program - Allows children and spouses to stay in touch with their loved one.
  • Financial Assistance Program - Crises such as illness, homelessness and death.
  • Furniture Program - Donated household and baby furniture; working order appliances.
  • Moving - Providing physical labor for families when a service member is deployed.
  • Social Outreach - Adopt-a-family, Thanksgiving/holiday baskets, back-to-school supplies.













I'm very sorry . Some sources were erased at the bottom of this page .I will see if they are in my copy and repost them.



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